I like to compare leadership to the first domino that determines how the other dominoes fall and whether a chain reaction of joy or terror takes its course. How you lead has a significant influence on how your employees feel and what moods they carry into their relationships, upbringings and friendships. Leadership is incredibly powerful in that it influences so many lives.

And although the responsibility could not be greater and at the same time it is becoming increasingly difficult to shape this responsibility for the greatest possible benefit of all those involved, many managers still believe that they have to overcome the challenges alone. Leadership doesn't have to be lonely! Leaders can also network and learn from each other. No person and no leader can manage permanently without external resonance. In my view, we need a movement of modern managers and coaches who join forces, strengthen each other and powerfully tackle the ever greater and ever faster changes in our lives by actively exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

Every man for himself" must finally become "Together for everyone" among managers too. By this I mean a growing and permanently supportive learning community. This is precisely why I founded the Future Fit Leadership Circle.

When you become part of the Future Fit Leadership Circle, you get:

  • Access to the online course "Future Fit Leadership"
  • Access to the online course "New Era Communication"
  • Access to the online course "Stress resistance training"
  • New videos in the e-Academy by Sebastian Pflügler at regular intervals.
  • The book "Communication for the digital era" sent as a softcover
  • Access to a learning community that can provide you with quick assistance in acute situations.
  • Five coaching sessions of one hour each with Sebastian Pflügler. Dates and topics freely selectable.
  • Irregular exchange formats with impulse sessions and the opportunity to discuss current practical cases with other leaders.

Today's working world needs managers who can deal with the challenges of our time such as acceleration, individualization, range minimization, complexity and permanent digitalization and who are the human calming influence for their employees in all these changes.

We need future fit leaders who treat their employees as equals. Understanding leadership as a relationship based on trust, empowerment and connection. Who communicate with suction and act clearly and consciously. Who can take care of themselves and others and approach change in a value-adding way. Understand leadership not as recognition of their past performance, but as a future performance promise to their employees.

They recognize that leadership does not depend on you alone, but affects the whole team, the whole organization and is networking. And who, in addition to all these skills, can also simply let go and get out of the way. Ultimately, we need leaders who, in times of ever-increasing mechanical and procedural efficiency, focus on what has always made leadership successful at its core: Connectedness. With the changes in the world, with yourself, with each individual employee and with the entire team and company.

Let's tackle your leadership challenges together. For yourself, for all of us.

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