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"If you want to stay healthy and productive, you should understand what robs you of relaxation and ease and how you can regain it."
Stress, acceleration and overwork are an integral part of today's working world. Maintaining the health of employees and managers through well-trained stress resistance has therefore become an integral part of the further training programs offered by responsible companies. Also, and above all, because companies with stress-resistant employees are better able to deal with the adversities of constant change.

Increase stress resistance - Schulz and Jansen's stress resistance training helps you!

Sebastian Pflügler is a certified trainer for Schulz and Jansen stress resistance training, which he has conducted over 150 times. The long-term effectiveness of this training has been scientifically confirmed (Schulz & Jansen, 2007, pp. 112-115). It can be used as a measure to improve psychological risk assessment in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Participants learn how to deal competently with external sources of stress and the phenomenon of acceleration, how to put less pressure on themselves and how to prevent stress. This keeps employees healthy and productive in the long term.

Employee health is a management task!

Managers learn how to deal mindfully with their own team's sources of stress, how to accompany change in a healthy way and how to conduct sensitive discussions in a gentle and respectful manner, for example about fears of a possible burn-out.
Competent stress management
Inner balance
Healthy stress prevention
Increased stress resistance

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The short and long-term effectiveness of this training has been scientifically proven. (Participants know significantly more about stress and how to avoid it, and even after six months they are still using what they have learned profitably in everyday life).
  • Holistic approach that gives you a toolbox of different ways to reduce stress. Every situation is different, which is why they need flexibility when it comes to coping with stress.
  • Participants are able to deal competently with external stressors, feel less pressure from within and can organize their lives in such a way that stress arises less frequently.
  • This program does not start when the stress is already enormous, but helps you to prevent stress in the future.

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